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Department of Planning Financial and Techno-Material Resources


The Department is an independent division within the Ministry of Defense empowered with the function of planning financial and material resources.

The head of the Department is subordinated to the State Secretary in the field of human resources development policies and planning resources.

The object of the financial management and internal control are all the activities and processes within the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff (including budget planning and allocation developing programs and policies related to financial resources allocated to the military personnel, financial and accounting management, reporting and monitoring.)

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Basic functions of the Department are related to the following processes and activities within the Ministry of Defense:

a) Budget and resource planning for the National Army

b) Developing policies related to the military salaries and salaries for civilian personnel working for the National Army.

c) Monitoring, generalizing and reporting financial and accounting activity of the subordinated units

d) Methodological activity

e) Reporting.

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