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National Army Special Forces Celebrate Unit’s Day

CHISINAU, November 7, 2015 — A group of service members from the Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” received today National Army medals on the 23rd anniversary of the unit. The ceremony was held at Military compound 142 and was attended by Minister of Defense, Anatol Salaru, the National Army leadership, military attaches, and veterans.

Anatol Salaru congratulated the unit’s staff, specifying that all the service members carry out their missions with dignity, commitment, and professional maturity. “Special Forces Battalion has always been the goal of many soldiers. The fact that you are part of this unit is a sign of your dedication and ambition to be the best”, said the Minister of Defense.

Commander of Battalion “Fulger”, LTC Tudor Martea, mentioned that each soldier, through professionalism and commitment, contributed to carrying out the unit’s missions. “2015 was for our unit a year full of events. We participated in exercises together with special forces service members from Romania, Germany, Ukraine, and the USA — Saber Junction, JCET, ROSOFEX, BSRF, TCT, ODT — as well as in exercieses on national territory. In this way we could test the staff’s readiness and interoperability with the representatives of partner armies”, said LTC Martea.

During the event, the Battalion’s service members presented wrestling exercises, special tactics, climbing exercises, and advanced shooting techniques.

National Army Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”, decorated with Order “Credinta Patriei” (Loyalty to Motherland), class I, was established on November 1, 1992, through Republic of Moldova President’s Decree. The mission of the unit is to counter terrorism, special research, search and rescue, and protection of strategic facilities.

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