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About 250 explosive devices, destroyed by National Army engineers since the beginning of this year

CHISINAU, April 6, 2020 - Since the beginning of the year, the engineers of the National Army have liquidated 242 explosive devices during 49 demining missions in several localities in the country.

According to the head of the Engineering Service, Lieutenant-Colonel Adrian Efros, on Sunday, April 5, the engineers from the Motorized Infantry Brigade "Dacia" went to the village of Moscovei, town of Cahul, where an unknown explosive device was found in a villager`s garden. After the field’s investigation, the team led by Lieutenant Aliona Bezman identified an F1 hand grenade that was neutralized under maximum security conditions.

At the same time, recently, the soldiers from the “Codru” Genius Battalion were asked to intervene in the city of Causeni, in order to neutralize an artillery projectile of 122 mm caliber, found by a group of workers near the local train station.

Another explosive device was discovered in a stream in the village of Opaci, municipality of Causeni. The demining operation was carried out by the group of engineers, led by Captain Ion Golovei, who determined that the ammunition - an 82 mm caliber bomb from the launcher - dates from the Second World War.

The source added that during that period, most of the explosive objects were detected following the agricultural works in the localities from Causeni, Cahul, Orhei and Balti municipality.

NOTE: The Ministry of Defense warns that in areas where there is or is supposed to be ammunition, citizens are asked to notify the local authorities. In the case of finding unidentified explosive devices, it is strictly forbidden to touch ammunition or other objects, to strike or move ammunition found in the ground or on the surface, to dismantle warheads or other components.

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