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Demining mission in Ialoveni district, carried out by military engineers (video)


CHISINAU, April 23, 2020 — The engineers of the National Army liquidated on Wednesday, April 22, an arsenal of ammunition in the forest near Baltati village, Ialoveni district. They intervened in the locality at the request of the authorities, after two children were seriously injured as a result of the explosion of an unidentified object found in the region.

According to the head of the Engineering Service, Lieutenant-Colonel Adrian Efros, following the investigation of 2.5 ha of land, the team of engineers of the "Codru" Battalion, led by Captain Ion Golovei, detected and identified 10 artillery projectiles of 76 mm caliber and a 37 mm caliber projectile, as well as 9 warheads.

All ammunition was Soviet and German made during World War II. They were neutralized in a specially arranged place, in conditions of maximum security.

It should be noted that since 1992 and until now, 24 people have died and another 29 have been injured as a result of incidents resulting in the explosion of various ammunition. Of the total number of those who suffered, eight children died and six others were injured.

The demining mission continues. We will return with details.

NOTE: The Ministry of Defense warns that in areas where there is or is supposed to be ammunition, citizens are asked to notify the local authorities. In the case of detecting unidentified explosive objects, it is strictly forbidden to touch ammunition, to strike or move ammunition found in the ground or on the surface, to dismantle warheads or other components

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