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Military engineers, visited by the leadership of the National Army


CHISINAU, May 28, 2020 - The Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari, together with the Chief of the General Staff, Commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, paid a working visit to the "Codru" Engineer Battalion from Negresti, in order to get acquainted with the activity, endowment and service conditions of the unit`s staff.

Thus, the officers documented the special equipment of the battalion and the infrastructure, including the EOD Center of Excellence (genius), inaugurated on the territory of the unit in November last year, with the support of the European Command of the US Armed Forces.

In this regard, the study rooms for the soldiers of the National Army, seconded to the EOD Center for training, the barracks and the rooms intended for practical activities were inspected.

During the visit, the Minister of Defense highlighted the importance of the missions carried out by military engineers on the territory of our country. "The danger of unexploded ordnance persists in the Republic of Moldova, so engineers must be well-prepared, always ready to carry out demining missions, to prevent various tragic situations. Today I was convinced that the army engineers benefit from good living and training conditions, especially within the EOD Center ", said Alexandru Pinzari.

In Negresti, the Minister of Defense and General Igor Gorgan met with the staff involved in the demining operation in the forest near Baltati village, Ialoveni district.

"These soldiers are heroes, because they risk their lives for the safety of the citizens of this locality, where in April, following the explosion of a shell, two children were injured. I appreciate their work and sacrifice, but also that of all the engineers in the National Army, who always show courage and professionalism in detecting and liquidating the ammunition left in the ground during the Second World War", added Alexandru Pinzari.

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