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Mission accomplished: The engineers of the National Army liquidated over 1,260 explosive objects in Baltati (video)


CHISINAU, July 2, 2020 - The National Army Engineers have completed the extensive demining mission in Baltati village, Tipala commune, Ialoveni district. On this occasion, a ceremony was organized in the forest near the locality, with the participation of the Minister of Defense, Alexandru Pinzari, the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, and the representatives of the local public authorities.

Alexandru Pinzari thanked the 16 soldiers from the "Codru" Genius Battalion, who searched 46 hectares of the surface to detect all the ammunition left in the ground and to prevent possible incidents among the population in the region. "Thank you, engineers, who participated in the demining mission, demonstrating responsibility, perfection and precision in your service! Even in this difficult period of fighting the pandemic, you managed to complete this not at all easy mission, demonstrating a good preparation and an enormous work, thus contributing to the safety of the citizens of our country", said the Minister of Defense.

In his turn, the mayor of Tipala commune, Silviu Bivol, appreciated the receptivity of the National Army at the request of the local authorities to intervene in the region in order to remove the ammunition, which could destroy lives. "You have done an enormous thing not only for the village of Baltati, but also for the whole community. Despite the bad weather conditions, you continued to work in the forest near the locality, so that we could be safe and other tragedies like the one that happened to the two children from our village would not happen again ", said the mayor.

During the event, information was presented about the explosive objects found, including the map with the perimeter investigated, and an exhibition of objects found in the territory was organized.

According to the commander of the "Codru" Battalion, lieutenant-colonel Gheorghe Racu, the team of engineers, who worked in Baltati, checked the entire surface of the forest, this being the first mission of this kind for the unit`s specialists.

The source added that during the demining operation, the engineers found over 1260 explosive objects of different calibers, including artillery shells, grenade launchers, hand grenades, anti-tank mines, warheads, cartridges. All ammunition was from World War II and was destroyed in maximum safety.

We remind you that the demining mission from Baltati started at the end of April. Then, the engineers of the National Army intervened in the locality at the request of the authorities, after two children were seriously injured as a result of the explosion of an unidentified object found in the region.

Since the beginning of 2020, the engineers of the National Army have neutralized over 2,000 explosive objects in the localities from the districts of Stefan Voda, Causeni, Hincesti, Ialoveni and Anenii Noi.

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