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Action plan to commemorate the fallen heroes of the war in Afghanistan, discussed by the organizing committee responsible (video)

CHISINAU, February 4, 2021 - Members of the Organizer committee for the events dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of those who fell in the war in Afghanistan met today at the Ministry of Defense. During the meeting, chaired by the Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc, those present discussed the actions provided in the Plan of events marking February 15 and the Plan of the scenario of activities, which will be organized in Chisinau and other districts of the country. They also discussed organizational issues including those related to financial and logistical issues facing the institutions responsible for implementing the plan and identifying ways to address them, as well as ensuring the social protection of war veterans in Afghanistan and the families of the fallen. Minister Gaiciuc, during the meeting, mentioned the importance of organizing at a high level all the commemorative actions as a whole the territory of the Republic of Moldova, asking the members of the Committee to make maximum efforts in this context. "We must remember the heroic deeds of those who gave their lives on the battlefield through sacrifice and courage but also to honor the veterans of this tragic war. And this year, I urge you to make every effort to ensure that the events commemorating the soldiers who died in the period 1979-1989 take place without problems and in strict accordance with the measures to prevent COVID-19 infection established by the Extraordinary National Public Health Commission. " As a result, the participants have agreed on the organization of all the events provided for in the Action Plan in a small format, involving a smaller number of people, due to the pandemic situation related to the new coronavirus. Based on the Government order no. 9 of 27 January 2021, during the current year, in Chisinau, but also the districts of the country, a series of events dedicated to Remembrance Day will take place fallen heroes of the war in Afghanistan, including holy services in holy places, commemoration ceremonies, flower arrangements, organization of the exhibition of documents and historical materials dedicated to those killed in the war in Afghanistan, installation of memorial plaques in the Agency for Military Science and Memory some educational institutions, but also educational-patriotic activities and meetings with war veterans.

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