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The heroes of the war in Afghanistan, commemorated in all the garrisons of the National Army

CHISINAU, February 15, 2021 - The service members of the National Army paid tribute to the heroes who fell in the War in Afghanistan during the commemoration actions carried out throughout the country.

In Chisinau, the events started at the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral "The Nativity" with a service to commemorate those who fell on the battlefield and laid flowers at the Monument of Stephen the Great and Saint.

Subsequently, the Minister of Defense in office, Victor Gaiciuc, together with the supreme leadership of the state, representatives of the Government in office and local public authorities, diplomats and war veterans, laid flowers at the Memorial Complex "Homeland Virgins - Holy Memory" in the sector Riscani of the capital and participated in a commemoration meeting.

Also today, Victor Gaiciuc and soldiers from the Chisinau garrison went in Durlesti, where they laid flowers at the monument in memory of the victims of the armed conflict to defend the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova (1990-1992), the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989) and of the participants in the works to liquidate the consequences of the 1986 catastrophe at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

On the occasion of the 32nd anniversary since the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Army`s strength from other garrisons of the country paid tribute to the heroes of the war in Afghanistan by attending commemorative events, held in several localities, including Balti and Cahul.

The official data show that about 12,500 Moldovan citizens participated in the 1979 — 1989 Afghan War. 301 of them were killed, four were declared missing and 257 became disabled.

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