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The first meeting of the National Council for War Veterans Issues of this year

CHISINAU, February 18, 2021 - The members of the National Council for the problems of war veterans met today, at the Ministry of Defense, in the first working meeting of this year.

The talks included subjects related the topics referring to the achievements of last year in the field of social protection of veterans in terms of health insurance, rehabilitation, monthly allowances, granting new cards, actions planned to improve it this year, development of curricular policy documents on patriotic education in general education, as well as the activity of military-territorial centers throughout the country in ensuring communication with war veterans.

The members of the Council were informed about the approval of the Government Disposition no. 204-d of 31 December 2021 "On the approval of the action plan‚ Memory. Honor. Respect" for strengthening the trust and improving the social and legal protection of war veterans for the period 2021-2023" and the necessary actions for their implementation.

During the meeting, the Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc, who is also the President of the Council, declared that right from the beginning of the establishment of the forum, considerable efforts were made to solve the problems faced by war veterans. "Among the most important achievements in the field where the increase of the monthly state allowance up to 500 lei for war veterans and widows of those who fell on the battlefield, the payment of single allowances for the construction or purchase of housing of about 2 million lei for over 40 veterans, as well as the increase by 100 lei from January 1, 2021, of the monthly allowance for disabled people whose disability is received during combat actions, the granting from January 1 of the right to free health insurance for veterans not employed. These measures do not end here. Our efforts continue and I am sure that through a lot of patience, but also open communication with the veterans and specialists responsible for solving their problems, we will be able to reach positive results", said Minister Gaiciuc.

As a result of the discussions, those present adopted a series of decisions, including the approval of the Action Plan for patriotic education of the young generation and the launch of the National Project for the installation of memorial plaques in schools with the names of local people who lost their lives in actions in Afghanistan and for the defense of the territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, the military-territorial centers will ensure the permanent operation of the telephone line for communication with veterans and will provide the necessary support to war veterans in solving their problems, together with the Local Public Administration and decentralized structures in the territory, and the Interdepartmental Commission to ensure change and release The war veteran card will continue, with the support of veterans' associations, the process of confirming or reconfirming the status of war veteran and issuing new type cards.

Also during the meeting, it was decided that the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will streamline communication between Military Centers and municipal / district police inspectorates to support veterans in ensuring their rights at the local level, and the Forum Patriotic Education and Culture Working Group will examine the possibility of preparing and launching the "Second Veteran`s Profession" Project, which will allow veterans to work as teachers in vacant positions in educational institutions in the country.

The Council, established by the Government decision on 15 January 2020, aims to coordinate state policies, programs, plans, and actions for the social protection of war veterans, as well as to ensure equal opportunities for this category of population to achieve constitutional rights and freedoms.



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