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The organizing committee for the events dedicated to Remembrance Day met at the Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, February 24, 2021 - The Committee for Organization of Commemoration Day met today at the Ministry of Defense to discuss actions to commemorate those who fell in the struggles to defend the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova in 1992.

During the meeting, chaired by the Minister of Defense in office Victor Gaiciuc, topics related to the development of the events of March 2 were addressed, including the actions planned in this context in the districts of the country. Thus, at the meeting, the members of the committee established all the organizational and implementation aspects of the provisions of the Plan of events dedicated to Remembrance Day, the scenario of the event, as well as the problems faced by the authorities in that regard.

Also, today, were discussed issues related to the need to strictly observe the measures for prevention and control of COVID-19 infection, established in the decisions of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission, during the public events dedicated to March 2. Thus, the members of the Committee decided that this year`s event will be attended only by the central public authorities and veterans of the 1992 conflict, without the involvement of the military and collaborators in the force structures, in order to exclude the risk of mass infections.

At the same time, those present at the meeting spoke about the actions that will take place in about 30 localities of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of military-territorial centers, local public authorities, district veterans` organizations and units of National Army garrisons, including rallies at the monuments of the heroes and flower arrangements.

During the meeting, Minister Victor Gaiciuc mentioned the importance of effective collaboration and communication between the authorities responsible for organizing commemorative events and social protection actions for war veterans.

"It has been 29 years since the beginning of the fighting, years that have left a deep and painful mark on the heart of the country`s people. We paid too high a price for freedom, measured in lost lives and mutilated destinies. Our heroes must not be forgotten, and by organizing these events at a high level, their deeds of bravery will forever remain in our memory. I urge you to join forces so that the commemorative actions take place according to the approved plans and the legislation in force ", declared Minister Gaiciuc. According to Government Provision no. 13-d of February 12, 2021, during the year, in Chisinau, but also in the districts of the country, will take place a series of events dedicated to the Day of commemoration of those who fell in the armed conflict of 1992, including services divine in the holy places, commemoration ceremonies, flower laying, installation of commemorative plaques on some buildings in the locality, but also educational-patriotic activities and meetings with war veterans. At the same time, the persons with disabilities from the fighting actions on the Dniester and the families of those who died will receive annual material assistance.

Remembrance Day was established by Decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova no. 433/1990, in order to pay homage to the heroism of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, fallen for the independence and territorial integrity of our state.

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