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Flowers and financial aid for Mothers and Widows of Soldiers Who Died in Dniester War

CHISINAU, February 26, 2021 - In the context of Remembrance Day, Acting Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc met with the widows and mothers of soldiers who died in the fights for the defense of the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova in 1992.

Victor Gaiciuc thanked the ladies present at the event for accepting the invitation to come to the Ministry of Defense, mentioning the heroism shown by the participants who fell in the 1992 War, but also the veterans who fought on the Dniester. "March 2 is important for all of us, for the veterans of these struggles, but also for the families and relatives of those who gave their lives for the independence and integrity of the Republic of Moldova. You, dear ladies, keep alive the memory of your sons and wives, who then, in 1992, fulfilled their military oath even at the cost of their lives. All of them are an example of courage and devotion, and their sacrifice will remain forever in our memory ", said Victor Gaiciuc.

During the meeting, the Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc offered financial aid and flowers to the mothers and widows of the fallen soldiers, mentioning, in the same context, that they can still count on the support of the Ministry of Defense and the National Army.

At the end, the social protection problems they face were discussed, including medical assistance, ID cards, allowances and facilities, Minister Gaiciuc stating that he will identify ways to solve them as soon as possible.

"As Minister of Defense, I assure you that you are always welcome here at the Ministry of Defense. When you need it, call me personally or with my colleagues, and we, in our turn, will try to help you, as much as possible, to solve your problems ", said Victor Gaiciuc.

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