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National Army will conduct the multinational exercise "JCET-2022"

CHISINAU, October 5, 2022 — The multinational exercise "JCET-2022" (Joint Combined Exchange training) will take place at the National Army training centers, within October 10-21, 2022, and will be attended by service members from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The JCET exercise aims to develop capabilities for mission execution and to increase the level of interoperability between the participating contingents.

The Joint Combined Exchange training was planned last year and is being conducted in compliance with the National Army training plan for 2022.

The National Army service members have been participating in the JCET since 2009.

NOTE: We inform the citizens that, in the context of the "JCET-2022" exercise, the military technique will move from units to the training centers of the National Army to participate in training.

We urge citizens who observe military vehicles traveling on national roads not to share images online to avoid fake news.

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