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J4 Directorate of Logistics


J4 Directorate of Logistics has the mission to implement policies issued by the Ministry of Defence concerning logistic support and sustainment, defence resources planning for the National Army needs, and elaboration of proposals of correlating available resources with existing capabilities.

At the same time directorate manages, monitors and organises the distribution of material goods for troops, in order to ensure the basic activities of the National Army in concordance with strategic plans, also organises centralized keeping record of weapons, military equipment, and ammunition, other technical means and material goods.

Colonel Iurie BRUMA — phone: 022 25 20 04; [email protected]



Directorate is a specialized division of the General Staff, responsible for developing and implementing logistic planning policies, ensures the act of command and control of logistic support for the military units of the National Army and the institutions of the Ministry of Defence, in order to fulfil their assignments.


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