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Soldiers from Hincesti Visited by Authorities and Parents

CHISINAU, November 8, 2011 — The head of Hincesti District, Grigore Cobzac, and a group of parents, who have sons doing their active-duty service in the National Army, visited Tuesday, November 8, Stefan cel Mare Light Brigade from Chisinau.

The guests familiarized with the infrastructure, the training classrooms, military barrack, sports rooms, the church and the canteen of Stefan cel Mare Brigade. Moreover, the head of Hincesti District and the Hincesti soldiers’ parents saw the living and training conditions in the unit.

The head of Hincesti District stated he had the possibility to carry open discussion with the young men from Hincesti district conscripted to Stefan cel Mare Brigade.

“The soldiers’ parents and I were very curious to find out about the difficulties young men from Hincesti district face while in the military. Moreover, we wanted to know if there are some conflicts among active-duty soldiers in the above unit. We were very happy to find out that our sons had no problems about that. On the contrary, the soldiers told us they were all in good terms. Moreover, they told us they are now much more disciplined and organized due to the army”, Grigore Cobzac said.

“We also asked young men if they had already acquired all the necessary knowledge for a military career and if their professional skills before the active-duty service are taken into consideration. We wanted to know if they have the possibility to talk to their parents and enjoy their free time”, Grigore Cobzac stated. The leader of Hincesti district gave a TV-set to the military unit and fruits and sweets to soldiers. “We had a good time today and we would like to thank the military command for hospitality”.

The visit of the Head of Hincesti District to Stefan cel Mare Brigade is the result of the meeting of Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta with the heads of all districts of the country, when the parties decided to enhance their communication and mutual cooperation.

There are currently 12 active-duty soldiers from Hincesti in Stefan cel Mare Light Brigade.

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